Sr No. Company Name Stall No. Product Details Technology From Category
1 Aabmatica Technologies Pvt.Ltd B‐35 ITS Mexico ITS
2 Ador Powertron Ltd C‐15 Traffic Signals & Video Surveillance India Security
3 Ajs Scale International F‐26 Speed Check Radar,breadth analyser,weigh‐in‐ motion India Safety
4 AllGoVision Technologies Pvt Ltd C‐26 City & traffic surveillance India Security
5 Arya Omnitalk Wireless Solutions Pvt. Ltd. E‐1 Vehicle Tracking, Toll Systems & Highway Traffic Management System India Fare & Toll / Telematics
6 ARYA TOLL INFRA LTD G‐9 Toll Collection India Fare & Toll
7 Ashbee Systems Pvt Ltd D‐28 Weight in Motion, Vehicle Weighing India Fare & Toll
8 AutoPass India A‐9 Parking Guidence and Management India Parking Management
9 Avantech Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd. H‐25 Highway Safety Systems, Construction Materials Testing Equipment India Safety
10 Came India Automation Solutions Pvt Ltd H‐15 Parking Facilities,Barriers, Access Control, Turnstile & Automatic Bollards India Parking Management
11 Carlo Gavazzi Automation Singapore Pte Ltd ‐ Park Scott A‐19 Sensors, Access Controls & Carparks Singapore Parking
12 Chartered NextGen Solutions Pvt Ltd / Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd. F‐5 Driverless car Technology Israel ITS
13 Chiye Glass Bead (Hebei)Co.,Ltd A‐21 Glass Beads China Safety
14 Chordia Automation G‐10 Automatic Road Barriers, Bollards, Pedestrian Barriers India Parking Management
15 CivicSmart Me (FZC) G‐5 Parking Sensor United States Parking
16 CMS Computers Ltd J‐3 ITS India ITS
17 Dahua Technology India Pvt., Ltd. A‐1 CCTV Cameras China Security
18 Daoming Optics & Chemical E‐17 Reflective sheeting, Vehicle number plates & Road Safety China Safety
19 DataCorp Traffic Private Limited D‐1 Traffic and Transportation Data Collection, Traffic data Analysis Australia ITS
20 Delhi Integrated Multi‐Modal Transit System C‐28 BRT's, Ticketing, Vehicle Tracking, Urban road Transport India ITS/ Mass Transportation
21 Diqu Tech Private Limited F‐8 Automated highway toll system India Fare & Toll
22 EAGLE SCALE MANUFACTURING WORKS A‐29 Weighing Motion India Safety
23 Efftronics Systems Pvt Ltd J‐25 Railway Signalling,Traffic lights,LED Display Systems,Bus Information Systems India Mass Transportation
24 Elan Cite J‐31 Speed Radar France Safety
25 Emerging Diagnostics Private Limited (EDPL) F‐7 Lenses, Vision Scanner India Safety
26 Essae Digitronics Pvt Limited D‐40 Weight in Motion, vehicle weighing India Safety
27 FLIR Systems India Pvt. Ltd F‐23 CCTV India Security
28 GET MY PARKING ( Agile Parking Solutions Pvt Ltd) G‐15 App for hassle‐free Smart Parking India Parking App
29 Graco India Pvt Ltd J‐27 Road Marking Machines India Safety
30 Harman International India Pvt Ltd B‐30 Telematics India Telematics
31 Hero Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. H‐20 Electric Vehicle India Mass Transportation
32 I.D.Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. B‐15 RFID, Smart Card & Tracking Solutions India Telematics
33 IBI Group A‐30 Intelligent Transport Systems India System Integrator
34 Indian Road Survey & Management Pvt Ltd (IRSM) H‐26 Traffic Survey, road Safety India ITS/ Safety
35 Infrovate Consulting and Solutions Private Limited E‐16 Fare & Toll Systems India Fare & Toll
36 ITS Coatings Pvt. Ltd J‐27 Traffic Paints & Traffic Safety Products India Safety
37 ITS Planners and Engineers Pvt.Ltd F‐10 ITS and Traffic Control, area traffic control, signalling, Red Light Violation Detection System India ITS
38 Kaleido Solutech Pvt Ltd ‐ PARK UP NOW H‐55 Parking solutions App India Parking App
39 Kent Intelligent Transportation Systems (India) Pvt.Ltd D‐25 Toll Solutions, Parking Solutions India System Integrator
40 Langfang Daohong Glass Beads Co Ltd A‐13 Glass Beads China Safety
41 Laser Technology, Inc. A‐17 Traffic Safety & Laser Sensors ‐ laser‐based speed and distance measurement instruments USA Safety
42 Logix ITS India LLP C‐25 Speed display sign,a speed trailer,a rubber speed hump or flashing beacons USA Safety
43 Luanxian Sanlian Glass Beads Co. Ltd F‐15 Glass Beads China Safety
44 Lysaght Taperline Poles Pvt Ltd A‐15 Steel Products India Safety
45 Magnetic Autocontrol Pvt.Ltd K‐1 Vehicle access control, pedestrian access control India System Integrator
46 Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd H‐1 Electric Vehicle India Mass Transportation
47 Masstrans Systems (P) Ltd/ Power Electronics C‐1 VMS,Traffic Counter,Bus Interior,Bus accessories,ITS/Vehicle Tracking India System Integrator
48 Microcom Pty Ltd t/a MetroCount E‐25 Portable Traffic Monitoring, Traffic Survey Australia ITS
49 Micromax Instruments Pvt.Ltd A‐8 Electronic Display Manufacturers ‐Public Transportation India ITS/ Mass Transportation
50 Nandan GSE J‐17 Car Parking Solutions India Parking Solutions
51 Omega Analytics Pvt Ltd. F‐4 Geo‐Spatial Technologies India Telematics
52 Omnitec Systems India (P) Ltd J‐1 Parking Controls, Security Systems,Door Automation India Parking Management
53 PayNPark G‐8 Parking App India Parking
54 Pedvak Technologies Pvt. Ltd H‐42 Bollards, boom barriers, automatic number plate recognition system (anpr), under vehicle scanning India Security
55 Phoenix Contact (India) Pvt Ltd A‐14 Traffic Engineering‐Transportation Infrastructure, Lighting and signaling India ITS
56 Photonplay Systems Inc. C‐5 Display Systems & Automation Solutions (toll management systems, Parking management and India ITS
57 Play Time Media (I) Pvt. Ltd. ‐ GET Parking G‐22 Smart Parking Technology India Parking Solutions
58 Prama HIKVISION India Pvt. Ltd. E‐3 CCTV Cameras China Security
59 PTV MENA Region DMCC/ PTV Group D‐35 Traffic simulators, Traffic Signal Control UAE ITS
60 Qualix Information Systems LLP B‐20 Toll Management System, Tracking Solution & Smart City Solutions India Fare & Toll / Telematics
61 Rajdeep Info Techno Pvt. Ltd B‐8 Automatic Toll System Fare & Toll Systems Fare & Toll Systems
62 Reckon Security Systems Pvt.Ltd J‐15 Parking Automation India Parking Automation
63 Ridlr (Birds Eye Systems Private Limited) F‐20 Mobile applications ‐ Real Time Traffic Alerts India ITS
64 Safety First H‐22 Wire Rope Safety Barriers & Road Marking Paint India Safety
65 Samarth Softech Solutions Pvt. Ltd D‐3 Solutions, Toll collection system, Parking fee collection system (Pay & Park system) India ITS
66 Scita Solutions A‐10 Parking guidance system, Security & surveillance, Tolling India Parking / Security/ Toll
67 SCOPE Industrial Products Private Limited G‐17 Road Safety Products India Safety
68 Sheetal Wireless Technologies Pvt Ltd A‐6 Telematics India Telematics
69 Shenzhen DIANMING Tech Co., Ltd B‐6 VMS Display, LED Lights China Mass Transportation
70 Shri Balaji Road Marking Machines H‐35 Thermoplastic Road Marking, Cold Paint Machine, Thermoplastic Preheater India Safety
71 SIDDHARTH ENTRPRISES A‐25 Road Safety Products India Safety
72 Simpark J‐8 Automatic Car Parking India Parking
73 Smart Tech Equipments Pvt. Ltd. H‐59 System Integartor India Security
74 Smartpower Automation J‐11 Access control & Barriers India Parking Automation
75 Swaraj Secutech Pvt. Ltd. E‐20 Traffic‐ Toll Barriers, Bollards, Turnstile, Flap Barriers, Parking Solutions India Safety / Parking
76 Swarco AG (M. Swarovski Gesellschaft m.b.H ) F‐9 Glass Beads Austria Safety
77 TAEBAEK ‐ ETI E‐35 Safety, Rolling Barriers Korea Safety
78 Tamron India Pvt Ltd A‐35 CCTV India Security
79 TECHNO SKILL ACADEMY H‐57 Robotics India Safety
80 Technovaa Software & Hardware Solution Pvt. Ltd F‐16 Toll Plaza TMS‐Solution, AMC for Toll Paza System, Toll Plaza Operation India Fare & Toll
81 Techsture Technologies B‐1 Electronic Toll Collection Systems,HTMS Solutions,Electronic Parking Systems India Fare & Toll / Parking
82 Tedra Automotive Solutions Pvt. Ltd. H‐3 Parking Automation & Multi level car parking India Parking Management
83 TelExcell Information systems Ltd. B‐28 Security ‐ CCTV, Surveillance India Security
84 Trafitek Solutions Pvt Ltd/ Swarco C‐38 ITS, Traffic Signal Products, RFID Systems India System Integrator
85 Translink Infrastructure Consultants (P) Ltd. E‐15 Public Transportation India Mass Transportation
86 Triumph Design Corporation (Divya Infotech) J‐20 Pedestrian Barriers, Vehicle Barrier, Access Control India Safety
87 Triveni Solars A‐5 Solar LED Lights for Security Bolard, Solar Stud LED Flickers, DC powered LED Studs India Safety & Security
88 Turbo Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd F‐1 Security, Surveillance, Traffic Control & Enforcement Systems India Safety & Security
89 ValetEZ H‐37 Parking App India Parking Solutions
90 Vbron Infotech Pvt. Ltd. A‐31 Vehicle video camera recording and fleet management system India Safety & Security
91 VIA TRAFFIC CONTROLLING GmbH J‐16 Speed displays, Dialogue display & LED traffic sign, Speed monitoring, Radar detectors Germany ITS
92 Videonetics Technology Pvt Ltd. D‐8 Automatic Number Plate Recognition, CCTV India Security
93 Vishwakarma Scales Pvt Ltd B‐25 Vehicle Weighing Systems/ITS India ITS
94 Vitaran Electronics (P) Ltd/ Infotek E‐28 Vehicle Tracking India Telematics
95 VST TRAVEL SOLUTIONS PVT LTD H‐56 Infotainment System, Smart Ticketing & Payment Kiosk System India Safety
96 Wiitronics Solutions Pvt Ltd G‐7 Parking Management India Parking Management
97 Yongqing JibeiXingGuo Glass Products Co., Ltd F‐24 Glass Beads China Safety
98 Zophop Techologies Pvt Ltd. H‐50 Mobile applications ‐ Smart Ticketing India Parking App
99 TSRTC F‐18 Telengana State Road Transport Corporation India Government Bodies
100 APSA F‐3 Asian Professional Security Association India Government Bodies
101 CRRI F‐13 Central Road Research Institute India Government Bodies
103 Hyderabad Police A‐16 Hyderabad Police India Government Bodies